Our best in class IT Support & Management keeps your network -- and your staff -- working at maximum efficiency.

Presidium will fully manage and support your computer, network, and software infrastructure, ensuring you can invest your time in growing your business. We will make sure your IT infrastructure is working optimally behind the scenes, to support you, not frustrate you.

We can operate as your entire outsourced IT department — or we can support your current IT department. Presidium will increase the level of service provided to your staff and decrease your IT spending by ensuring cost effective, reliable, long term solutions are implemented in your business.

Why let Presidium provide your IT support and management? Here’s what we bring to the table.

  • 1
    24/7 Monitoring
    We monitor your critical IT infrastructure around the clock, ensuring we can respond to network problems before they affect your business.
  • 2
    Same-Day Support
    In almost every case, our expert technicians are available to provide IT support same day.
  • 3
    Preventative Maintenance
    We consistently perform automated maintenance on your systems to ensure you maximize your hardware investment — increasing lifespan of computers and servers and ensuring efficient operation.
  • 4
    Active Strategy & Management
    We work with you to ensure your business has a solid IT strategy for your expected rate of growth. We stay ahead of the game by staying ahead of your business needs. You get the most out of your investments, and stay ahead of your competition in the marketplace.
  • 5
    Cloud Services
    You can take advantage of our additional cloud services to ensure your business runs efficiently and is equipped to handle disaster scenarios.

Our Support Promise

We focus on making your computer and network infrastructure a lean and efficient machine that serves to support your business, enabling growth and leaving your competition in the dust. Here is what we provide your business to ensure you see real benefit.

  • 1
    Great Support
    Presidium averages same day response time, with around the clock support if required.
  • 2
    Real Flexibility
    We work with your business – not against it. We design cost effective and business-driven solutions to meet your needs.
  • 3
    Data Redundancy
    We at Presidium place great value in maintaining solid redundancy for your infrastructure. We ensure local system redundancy, implement cloud-based off-site storage when required, and maintain an up-to-date disaster recovery scenario should things go wrong.
  • 4
    We ensure that you, and your staff, are fully up to speed on the technology you are using. Ensuring you and your staff are knowledgeable greatly improves efficiency.
  • 5

    Data & Systems Security
    In partnering with many sensitive data business, such as legal and medical businesses, we have developed extensive policy and procedure for handling sensitive data and systems. We maintain security policy and regularly audit both security and policy enforcement.
  • 6
    Our team consists of more than just technicians. On our roster includes decades of business management experience. We work closely with you to understand your business and objectives. This understanding allows us to properly equip your business – and give you an edge in the marketplace!

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