Let Presidium's skilled engineers and technicians simplify every aspect of your network.

Presidium’s team has more than a decade of experience in design, implementation, and management of fiber optic networks.

Presidium relies on a variety of manufacturers as backends for multi-service access platforms over fiber optic infrastructure. We have experience with Calix and Motorola FTTP platforms and are able to support and engineer for both platforms.

Presidium is a full-service management provider for FTTP installations. Here’s how we can bring you peace of mind.

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    Fully Engineered
    Our skilled engineers will work with you at every stage of your project, ensuring the network is properly designed and will be fast, reliable, and easy to manage. Or, if your network is already built, we will work with you to review all components and ensure the network is optimally designed, making suggestions as required.
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    Project Management
    During implementation and once your network is live, various work will be required to maintain and expand the network. Presidium has extensive project management and labor coordination experience. We manage installations and labor so that you don’t have to.
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    Vendor Liaising
    Across Canada, we have built relationships with industry vendors that we leverage to ensure you receive the pricing and service you require. We fully manage all communication with vendors from head-end equipment to WAN and PSTN connectivity.
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    Inventory Control
    Presidium works with your vendors and technicians to ensure adequate inventory for disaster recovery purposes, expansion, and troubleshooting. We even work with your accounting department to make sure all is accounted for and to minimize waste.
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    Support & Monitoring
    Our field technicians are always available to troubleshoot any head-end or subscriber/endpoint issues both remotely and on site. We monitor your network 24/7/365 for both availability and health, meaning we prevent issues before they become service affecting and respond to service-affecting issues as soon as they occur.
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    SLA Ensured
    Presidium’s goal is to give you peace of mind. We work with you to implement a written service level agreement (SLA), confirming our commitment to respond to incidents, service requests, and disaster scenarios rapidly. We are available to do SLAs from 24/7/365 2 hour response time and up to meet your price range.

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