Cloud Backup

We keep your data safe.

Proper data backup and recovery infrastructure is integral to your business. Statistically, nearly 60% of companies that lose their data shut down within six months of the disaster. We work diligently to back up your data. Our industry leading cloud backup solution and disaster recovery scenario planning keeps your business data safe, no matter the circumstances. State of the art technology allows us to backup large volumes of data at low costs, enabling all businesses to retain some amount of offsite backup.

Why Presidium cloud backup?

Presidium’s state of the art cloud backup facility is built to enable reliable, low cost, automatic backups of data.

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    Automatic, Managed Solution
    Our cloud backup solution automatically backs up according to a defined schedule. Once set up, Presidium monitors the backup to ensure success and to proactively resolve any issues that may prevent the backup from running.
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    Local Copies
    We maintain copies of your data both locally as well as in the cloud. This enables rapid restoration of data in the case of a loss, and much quicker recovery in some disaster scenarios.
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    100% Canadian
    We store your data inside of Canada. Your data will never ever leave Canadian soil. This ensures you are protected from the USA’s Patriot Act, which allows data backed up with American companies, or to American servers, to be searched and seized without cause.
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    Prior to leaving your server or being stored locally, your data is ran through a deduplication algorithm, which enables us to back up only the changes all the way down to the file level so you aren’t paying to backup the same data more than once.
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    Full Service Support
    The Presidium cloud backup solution is able to backup all common business services. From Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, all the way to your Line of Business applications, we are able to back up and ensure disaster recovery.

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