About Us

About Presidium

Presidium is a Canadian technology management services company located in the interior of British Columbia. Our service presence extends across Canada with remote and cloud services.

Our mission is to empower businesses to expand and grow without limitation. We enable peace of mind for our clients by delivering reliable technology solutions. In providing exceptional management, planning, and support services, we empower our clients to grow with confidence.

Our Skills

The Presidium team consists of over two decades of both technology and business experience. We have a vast array of skills to empower your business.

Proactive, preventative, personal, professional, reliable service – always!

“Presidium strives to create a solid working relationship with its client business stakeholders, as they aim to better their businesses we aim to improve the technology tools they require. We set out to impart our experiences and skill sets in order to become the ‘virtual’ IT department for our business clients. As we grow our select customer base patiently and over time we intend to add highly trained professionals to our core infrastructure in order to achieve our singular objective (above).” – Garreth Mawdsley, Partner

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