How protected is your business from power outage?

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Battery backups, or UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) are multi-faceted devices that will protect your PC’s servers and networking equipment from power surges and outages.

How does it work?

UPS units contain batteries of varying sizes and loads, ranging from being able to sustain a single PC or a few network devices from a few minutes to being able to run dual power supply servers for hours.

UPS battery backups also offer valuable power filtering, this means that during the day while you are working on your equipment, the dips and surges that occur within the power grid are filtered, this prolongs the life of your power supplies and prevents interruptions, a surge in power can easily damage a PC or servers power supply causing downtime.

The true nature of a battery backup is that it’s designed as a temporary measure to assist you with the opportunity to finish the work you are currently busy with, to save that work and to perform a controlled shutdown on your PC in the event of a power outage. Advanced UPS systems will interact with your PC or server and this process can be automated in the event the outage occurs during the course of the night or over a weekend when staff are not present.


Presidium partners with a wide array of UPS providers to ensure the right battery size, and compatibility with existing network hardware. If you have questions or need advice on implementing battery backups for computer equipment in your business, contact Presidium today.

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